Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider

(Composer and Director of the Department of Film Composition at the Conservatory for Music and Theater – Munich), Arcisstrasse 12, 80333 Munich

Recommendation letter for Frank Zacher (Waldstrasse 2/17291 Gramzow)

Conductor Frank Zacher was the great surprise of the evening at the 4th Munich NIGHT OF FILM MUSIC in October 2011 (large hall of the Munich Conservatory in collaboration with the BR Klassik of the Bavarian Rundfunks). Although he was a last-minute jump-in, he mastered the complex – highly varied and challengingly orchestrated – and virtuosic program with the Munich Rundfunk Orchestra.
He unifies those integral qualities that are so seldom found in a conductor: precise preparation, absolute technical consistency with a sensitive ear for “material mistakes” (trans note: wrong notation in the parts), an amazing long-term memory for tricky passages that need to be improved, and with a confident beat and instinct for rhythm (but always able to transmit expressively stirring gestures with his free hand).
But above all: his assured musical abilities remain in the background and are overshadowed by a very humane, engaging communicative ability. A real mixture of non-negotiable objectivity and discipline with equal parts ease and pure joy in making music.
The Munich Rundfunk Orchestra – not easy to please! – was just as inspired by Frank Zacher’s person and work as the more than 20 composers whose works (mostly world premieres) were conducted in a mammoth-sized program from 19:30-23:00.

Munich, 24.10.2011


Dear Mr. Zacher,

I remember well the master class in Berlin and the final concert.

Your stylistic command and your handling of the young soloists and orchestra were impeccable and allowed the students to feel confident despite their nervousness.
Your shaping of the orchestral accompaniment, your consideration for the limitations of the budding soloists, and your flexibility impressed me greatly.

I also remember our performance of Richard Strauss‘ First Horn Concerto fondly: not only was your effective rehearsal structure and general music-making right on the mark, but also that certain something that differentiates a successful evening from a superlative one and which was to be felt during the entirety of the concert.
I am looking forward to our next collaboration at the Choriner Summer 2010 and send warm greetings,

Stefan Dohr, Solo horn of the Berlin Philharmonic ( im November 2008 )


It was a rare pleasure to make music with Mr. Zacher; I am seldom accompanied so sensitively and with such inspiration.

Nils Mönkemeyer
(after the concert of 17.März 2009 with the “Preußischen Kammerorchester” in Prenzlau / Max Bruch – Romanze for Viola and Orchester F-Major Op.85 + William Walton – Concerto for Viola and Orchestra)


To Whom It May Concern

Mr. Frank Zacher

I know well as a conductor, and I appreciate him very much as an artist.
What I have heard of him and seen me deeply.
Mr. Zacher has a large repertoire, both in opera and concert performances.
His experience is bedeutend.Sein lively way, make Musikzu and organize them in different situations, such as during their tour, showing the great maneuverability.
Rarely do I meet a conductor with such outstanding training and such a great musical knowledge.
I wish Mr. Zacher much success in his future artistic life.

Lior Shambadal

Music Director Pfalztheater Kaiser Lauter / conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra / des.Chef of Slovenia Radio Symphony Orchestra

In March 2000